Custom Website Design Hosting


Set up your subscription for your WordPress Website hosting with Kath T Web Design.



Custom Website Design Hosting

Thank you for choosing me to design and host your website.

I understand how vital your website is to your business and as such provide a managed hosting service whereby should you have any issues with the visibility of your site online (very rare that this happens) you can contact me to deal with it at any time.

Let’s be honest the last thing any business owner wants is to have to stop what they’re doing and have to make phone calls to troubleshoot issues.

Your hosting package includes as standard, 5GB of storage, SSL Certificate, SPAM protection, and daily backups.

Extra backups are available should you need to make any major changes to your website.

This hosting package is billed monthly at £9.99

The minimum term is one month of hosting.

You may cancel your hosting package at any time by contacting